I Hereby Acknowledge And Grant Big Time Balling LLC (“BTB”), Its Related Entities, Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Successors, Assigns, And To Such Other Persons As BTB May Designate Or Give Permission To From Time To Time (Collectively, “Licensees”), The Absolute, Irrevocable Right And Permission To Use, In Any Manner, Throughout The World, In Perpetuity, My Name, Voice, Portrait, Likeness, Biographical Information, Testimonials And Statements (Including But Not Limited To Photographs, Video, Film And/Or Other Recordings Of Me), Either Alone Or Accompanied By Other Material, In Any Media And Formats Whether Now Known Or Later Developed, For Any Purpose Relating To Developing And Promoting The Growth Of Big Time Balling Events In The United States, And Advertising And Publicizing The BTD And Its Products And/Or Services. I Agree That Any Recordings, Images, Photographs, Film And/Or Videotape Was Taken Of Me Are Owned By BTH. If I Should Receive Any Copy Thereof, I Shall Not Authorize Its Use By Anyone Else. I Hereby Waive All My Rights To Inspect And Approve The Finished Product And Materials, Their Use, Or Such Visual, Written, Or Audio Copy As May Be Used In Connection Therewith. LIABILITY RELEASE & WAIVER: Acceptance Of My Entry In These Events Is Without Assumption Or Responsibility Of Any Kind By The BTH, Its Sectional Associations, Committee, Or The Management Of Any Event Which I May Be Entered Or May Participate. In Consideration Of The Acceptance Of My Entry, I Do Hereby For And On Behalf Of Myself, And My Heirs And My Legal Representatives Release And Forever Discharge The BTH, Its Officers, Committees, And Representatives And Their Successors And Assigns, Of And From Any And All Claims And Damages, Losses Or Injuries Which May Be Suffered Or Sustained By Me In Connection With My Activities During The Period For Which Such Permission Is Granted And Any Period Traveling To And From The Events Described, And All Claims Are Hereby Waived And Released, And I Covenant Not To Sue Therefor


I Hereby Acknowledge That I Am The Parent/Legal Guardian Of A Minor Under The Age Of Eighteen (“Minor Child”). In Consideration For The Benefit To Be Derived From My Minor Child’s Participation In The Big Time Hoops LLC Event, I, On Behalf Of Myself And My Minor Child, Hereby Acknowledge The Following: (1) I Am Aware That All Basketball Games Involve Risk And That Some Games May Be Challenging With Contact; (2) I UNDERSTAND THAT THE DAMAGES AND RISKS OF PLAYING BASKETBALL, INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO DEATH, SERIOUS NECK AND SPINAL INJURIES, WHICH MAY RESULT IN COMPLETE OR PARTIAL PARALYSIS, BRAIN DAMAGE, SERIOUS INJURY TO VIRTUALLY ALL INTERNAL ORGANS, BONES, JOINTS, LIGAMENTS, MUSCLES, TENDONS, AND OTHER ASPECTS IF THE MUSCULAR SKELETAL SYSTEM AND SERIOUS INJURY OR IMPAIRMENT TO OTHER ASPECTS OF MY MINOR CHILD’S BODY, GENERAL HEALTH, AND WELL-BEING. On Behalf Myself And My Minor Child, I Further Understand And Acknowledge The Dangers Playing Basketball In An Open Competition May Result Not Only In Injury But Severe Impairment Of My Minor Child’s Future Abilities To Earn A Living, To Engage In Other Business, Social, And Recreation Activities And Generally To Enjoy Life. I Acknowledge That My Minor Child Is In The Right Physical Condition And Do Not Know Of Any State Or Reason That My Minor Child Should Not Participate In Open Age Basketball. On Behalf Of Myself And My Minor Child, I HEREBY RECOGNISE AND ASSUME THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH MY MINOR CHILD PLAYING OPEN AGE BASKETBALL AND RELEASE Big Time Hoops LLC AND THEIR OFFICES, COACHES, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, SPONSORS PARTICIPATION ATHLETES, OTHER PARENTS, REPRESENTATIVES AND SUCCESSORS, OWNERS OF THE FACILITY WHERE THE GAMES ARE PLAYED AND THEIR EMPLOYEEs (ALL THE FOREGOING ARE COLLECTIVELY REFERRED TO HEREIN AS THE ECHUCA BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION PARTIES) FROM ANY OBLIGATIONS, LIABILITIES, CLAIMS DEMANDS, COST, AND EXPENSES, INCLUDING LEGAL FEES, WHICH MAY ARISE OR BE IN CONNECTION WITH MY MINOR CHILD’S PARTIPATION IN ANY OPEN BASKETBALL GAMES HELD BY Big Time Hoops LLC. The Terms Hereof Serve As A Release And Assumption Of Risk For Myself And On Behalf Of My Minor Child.